About Grihakarya

Here is the information about Grihakarya in brief.


Grihakarya is a unique Dedicated Homework Management System available in the market. Grihakarya is developed looking at the requirements of Educational Institutions in Nepal. We provide a smart way for schools and parents to cross-check their children's daily homework. Its slogan is “Decreasing distance between parents and homework”.

Why Grihakarya?
In this information and technology age, grihakarya removes the hassle of the cross-checking diary of every student.

#1 Grihakarya is Easy
Start using grihakarya within few minutes. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can easily understand and use grihakarya efficiently.

#2 Data Privacy
grihakarya respects the privacy of your data, even when connecting with it. We have implemented SSL on our web server to secure you.

#3 Latest Web Technology
Python, Django, MySQL, JS, and other latest technologies are the backbone of grihakarya. We are always up to date with the latest greatest modern technologies.

#4 Customizable
grihakarya is designed to be customizable so that whatever your institutions need and demand it can cope up with you.

#5 Go Online
grihakarya will help your institution to replace your paperwork and vast calculations. It can also reduce paper, labor and pricing costs.

#6 Data Backup
We always back up your data in a secure environment in multiple server locations to ensure that your data will never get lost.

#7 grihakarya is idle if your answer the following question is “NO”.
1. Can your teachers make sure every student correctly noted their homework?
2. Do class teachers hesitate to cross-check the dairy daily?

We provide smart way for schools and parents to crosscheck their childrens daily homeworks.